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September 7 – Is earning more while working less a load of baloney?

Join us Live for 20 min conversation and Q&A.

CPD Sessions – Hosted by LMVA Consulting

Zoom Sessions

Zoom sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length (up to 90 minutes depending on questions).
Make the time and space to join us live.

Cameras are very strongly encouraged – you will not get the experience promised without having your face visible and voice heard

All session are at 12 PM CDTConvert Your Time Zone Here

September 21

From lonewolf to building your pack.

How to grow your practice and why you should?

September 28

Strategies for Growing Your Practice

Organically vs Buying, Admitting Partners, and Pros & Cons of a Larger Team

October 19

Surround yourself with the right people

How the people you hire can impact the quality of your life?

October 26

Are you making all that you could or should be?

Why are your profits not where they should be?

October 27 – Rev Up Live

Want to continue growing your practice and connect with like-minded practitioners?
Learn more about our signature events:

Fundamentals for practitioners Bootcamp

October 13-15, 2021

Winnipeg, MB – Virtual & In Person

Dissect your practice in this 3-day bootcamp. Benchmark your firm against other successful practices and walk away with blueprint for success.

Rev Up Your Practice In Person Event

Pre-conference: November 14
November 15-17, 2021

Canmore, AB – In Person

Be a part of this unique conference that will focus on bettering your practice. 

Through presentations, practical exercises, and case studies, connect with practitioners and design your action plan for a better life.