Practice Management Coaching

Description: Through our coaching and the strategies contained in our Practice Playbook, you’ll learn the secrets to earning more money than you ever thought possible – while working fewer hours. We’re so confident in our system that pricing is based entirely on your success. You only pay for the service if your profits exceed an agreed upon base amount.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Meet with Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA,FCGA, for a practice assessment. Review historical performance to determine the base amount, and set a five-year revenue target.

  2. Determine your life and practice priorities.

  3. Walk through a game plan of the transformation process.

  4. Establish a contract.

  5. Real-time training (for as long as it takes) where we will work through the RPM Practice Playbook and review all areas of the business, including charge-out rate, collection, services, processes, competitors, talent management and marketing. Jean-Guy will provide recommendations and coaching on how to align these areas to support the vision and revenue target.

You can meet with Jean-Guy and consult with him and his team on all practice-related matters as frequently as you like – it’s all included throughout the process.

Our coaching transforms more than life balance. It will greatly improve the marketability of your practice when you retire. Doubling your profits will more than double what you’re able to sell your practice for – that’s more money to put towards a comfortable retirement.

Performance-based pricing

If your profits exceed the agreed upon base amount, you pay RêveNew Practice Management for the service. Fees are a portion of the profits you make over the agreed base amount. If your income does not increase, you pay nothing.