Stop working IN your practice
Start working ON your practice

Professional Development For Practitioners – No tax courses allowed!

Improve your accounting practice

As an accountant or a bookkeeper, do you feel you work too many hours, you aren’t home enough, and you just aren’t earning all that you could or should?

You spend countless hours every year becoming a better accountant for the sake of your clients; to help them save money and have a better life. When is the last time you did the same thing for yourself?

Come to an event that is designed for you, as a practitioner, to help with every area of your practice. It’s time to focus on you and build the kind of life you always dreamed of by getting control of your practice, making more, and working less.

We highly recommend that you start with Fundamentals for Practitioners. This event creates the foundations of practice management that Rev Up Your Practice will build upon. Rev Up Your Practice is a deep dive through group discussions and case studies that requires a familiarity of the basics of Fundamentals for Practitioners.

Fundamentals for practitioners Bootcamp

June 20-22, 2022

Winnipeg, MB – Virtual & In Person

Dissect your practice in this 3-day bootcamp. Benchmark your firm against other successful practices and walk away with blueprint for success.

Rev Up Your Practice In Person Event

Pre-conference: September 18
September 19-21, 2022

Clear Lake, MB – In Person

Be a part of this unique conference that will focus on bettering your practice. 

Through presentations, practical exercises, and case studies, connect with practitioners and design your action plan for a better life.

Learn, Connect, Earn CPD Hours!
Rev Up Events are eligible for CPD hours, RêveNew Practice Management will issue certificates after the event.

Why we created Rev Up Your Practice and why it’s so important for accountants and bookkeepers?