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Get help to increase your practice profitability




If you are working too many hours, if you don’t earn what you’re worth… if you are tired of the grind…
then this event is just for you.

Here you will discover how to improve your bottom line

  • Set your fees right
  • Get clients that always pay their bills
  • Always pick a winner in hiring
  • Watch your bank account grow
  • Get that new car
  • Retire when you want to

And in addition, you will also discover how to improve your life

  • Enjoy every day at the office
  • Ditch the stress
  • Be home every day for supper on time
  • Never miss a family gathering
  • Go on vacations every year

For once, think about yourself first!

You spend countless hours every year becoming a better accountant or bookkeeper for the sake of your clients; to help them save money and have a better life. When is the last time you did the same thing for yourself?
It’s time to focus on you!

Fundamentals For Practitioners

“This conference has been the best one I’ve yet attended. Every session was directly related to issues I face in my practice.
Jean-Guy’s enthusiasm, energy, and genuine desire to help us improve our practices is wonderful.”

Why we created Rev Up Your Practice and why it’s so important for accountants and bookkeepers?