What is Rev Up Your Practice?

Pre-conference: November 14
Conference: November 15-17

We are proud to present this year’s promotional video made entirely with footage from Rev Up 2019

Description of the Event

This practitioners’ forum will help attendees improve their knowledge on various pressure points practitioners continually deal with. The three-day conference will allow participants to learn how to run a healthier and more profitable practice while having fun and connecting with other practitioners.

Participants will leave the conference with a road map on:

  • Value Billing
    • Dealing with Difficult Clients
    • Dealing with Fee Push-back
    • Charging What You’re Worth
  • Time Management
  • Hiring and Motivating Your Team
  • Practice Profitability
  • Business & Psychology
  • Implementing Effective Marketing
  • Buying and Selling a Practice

Participants will walk away with key takeaways to implement into their practice, and create valuable connections with people who share a common goal.

Getting your CPD has never been so fun!

Learn, Connect, Earn CPD Hours!
Rev Up Your Practice qualifies for 20 CPD hours if you attend the full three day forum, and +3 CPD hours more if you come to the pre-conference.

RêveNew Practice Management will issue certificates after the forum

Attendee Testimonials:

Why did we create this event in the first place?

(Promotional video for RevUp 2019)

A conference that pays for itself

This conference is for You (not your clients)

Why coming to this conference will make all the difference.

What drives practitioners to improve practice management?

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