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Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO of RêveNew Practice Management
Founder of Talbot & Associates
Founder & CEO of Recoka

Jean-Guy believes that happiness is a choice you make every morning. He started his accounting firm, Talbot and Associates, in 1991 and grew the practice from a one-person operation in his basement to over 80 staff in eight locations across Manitoba.

He founded RêveNew Practice Management (RPM) with the mission to guide practitioners through the hardships he had also endured on his road to success with his practice. Helping people on their journey to happiness while operating their business is what fills his tank and gives him a true sense of fulfillment.

Jean-Guy has presented for the following organizations: 

  • CPA Manitoba 
  • CPA Ontario 
  • CPA NovaScotia 
  • AC Group 
  • Canadian Bookkeepers Association 
  • Association Success
  • Manitoba Chamber of Commerce 
  • Chambre de Commerce de St Boniface 
  • World Trade Centre 
  • Thomson Reuters 
  • Adagio 
  • TaxCycle 

Check out his YouTube channel for advice on running a healthier and more profitable accounting or bookkeeping firm. 

Kristine Tubiera

Founder & CEO, LMVA Consulting
Practitioner Consultant, RêveNew Practice Management
Marketing Consultant, Coffee Ring Marketing

With a strong and extensive background in association management within the accounting profession, Kristine has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills that have allowed her to effectively guide practitioners in this field. Her experience includes working with small to mid-sized public accounting firms, understanding their unique needs, and developing programs and services to support their practices.

Kristine’s role has also involved assisting practitioners in comprehending their regulatory requirements and finding solutions to challenges within their firm. Her attentive and empathetic approach is evident in her willingness to listen to practitioners’ pain points and frustrations, providing them with a supportive ear to address their concerns.

Through her company, LMVA Consulting, Kristine plays a strategic role as a partner for RêveNew Practice Management and Coffee Ring Marketing. Her responsibilities span across event strategy, relationship building, marketing, and acting as an emcee and facilitator for Rev Up Events. These events focus on bringing accountants and bookkeepers together, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Her goal is to contribute to the growth and strengthening of their businesses while fostering a sense of community with accounting and bookkeeping practice owners.

Rémy Dogra

Marketing Director, RêveNew Practice Management
Marketing Manager, Talbot & Associates
Marketing Director, Coffee Ring Marketing

Rémy is a bilingual individual with 16 years of experience in advertising as a graphic designer and art director in France. Over the past five years in Canada, he has worked as a marketing manager for accountants. With extensive knowledge in communication, Rémy is highly pragmatic and enjoys testing marketing concepts such as Story branding and Content marketing to assess their effectiveness and limitations.

Rémy strongly believes every single business should have their Google My Business page properly set up and start collecting reviews, not only for testimonials but more for local SEO purposes.

In 2020, he decided to enhance his content marketing skills by learning video editing and YouTube strategies. He created a channel called Windowsill Nepenthes that rapidly became the fastest-growing carnivorous plants channel on the platform, where he helps individuals worldwide to cultivate these fantastic plants.